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Powell has been involved in the sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) and chlorine (Cl2) industry for more than 50 years and has developed a complete line of products for the production, dilution, and handling of various chemicals such as chlorine, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, sulfur dioxide, methanol, ammonia, phosgene, hydrogen peroxide, and more.

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Powell Fabrication & Manufacturing, LLC

Products for Sodium Hypochlorite, Chlorine, Sulfur Dioxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Phosgene, Sulfuric Acid, Methanol, Ammonia, Hydrogen Peroxide, and More

Powell manufactures specialized systems specific to the customer’s technical requirements which are unique and not available from any other manufacturer. Powell products are constructed from quality materials and components that are appropriate for the environment in which our systems and products operate.

Powell systems and products include:

Continuous Sodium Hypochlorite Process

Our complete continuous process systems integrate and interface with all process components including chlorine tank car unloading systems with chlorine detectors, Powell chlorine scrubbers, Powell continuous sodium hypochlorite systems, Powell sodium hypochlorite filter systems, Powell sodium hypochlorite dilution (blending) systems and all automatic process controls including tank level control systems.

Continuous Sodium Hypochlorite Production Process