Powell Systems for Municipalities

Powell offers quality systems at competitive prices for municipal applications. Numerous municipalities rely on Powell systems for the safe handling and unloading of chlorine and sulfur dioxide, for the dilution of sodium hydroxide, and for the protection of their employees and community from hazardous releases of chlorine or sulfur dioxide.

Powell has experience working directly with municipal personnel and with engineering firms hired to manage the project on their behalf. Some of the major engineering firms Powell has worked with include Black & Veatch, Burns & McDonnell, Malcolm Pirnie, CH2M Hill, Montgomery Watson, Freeze & Nichols, Carollo Engineers, and many more.

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Powell Scrubber Systems

Sentry 2000 Scrubber System

Powell Scrubber Systems incorporate today’s most advanced design and performance features. Powell is a leading scrubber manufacturer and offers customized solutions for the safe handling and containment of hazardous gases.

Emergency & Equipment Scrubber Systems

Powell Chemical Blending & Dilution Systems

Powell Chemical Dilution Systems are designed for the continuous blending or diluting of multiple streams of feedstock. Precise control provides accurate and repeatable results even when blending complex recipes. Dilution systems can be operated to produce specific batch quantities or operated continuously based on demand.

sodium hydroxide (caustic) dilution system

Powell Dilution Systems are designed for use with various chemicals including but not limited to:

Powell Railcar Padding Systems & Safety Sections
padding system

Pressurized railcars of chlorine frequently require additional pressure to facilitate the railcar unloading operation at user production facilities. This practice - often called pressure padding - introduces air or nitrogen into the vapor space above the liquid chlorine in the car to force the liquid chlorine out of the liquid angle valve at the top of the car. Typically air, as opposed to nitrogen, is used as the pad gas.

The Powell Railcar Padding System provides an independent source of clean, oil free, dry air in accordance with The Chlorine Institute, LLC Pamphlet 66 guidelines for chlorine tank car pressure padding. This separate chlorine padding system is completely isolated from other air supplies to prevent chlorine vapors from accidentally mixing into the instruments and equipment. Built in redundant features protect equipment in the event of power loss, compressor failure, or failure of individual components. Click here for more information.

Powell Sodium Hypochlorite Chilling System

As a general rule of thumb, for every 10 degrees C increase of solution temperature, sodium hypochlorite will decompose a factor of 3.5 times faster. With the Powell Sodium Hypochlorite Chilling System, temperatures of the sodium hypochlorite solution can easily be chilled from 90°F to 60°F or lower, thus increasing the time the received shipment of sodium hypochlorite can be stored and used by the municipality. Click for more information.

Emergency Shutdown for 150 lb Cylinders & Ton Containers

Powell is the only manufacturer to offer both electric and pneumatic emergency shutdown systems for chlorine and other hazardous compressed gas cylinders and container sizes including 150 lb cylinders, ton containers, 90-ton railcars, bullet tanks, and railcars. Systems can be configured to close valves within seconds in the event of a gas leak, car or container movement, security breach, fire alarm, seismic event, or numerous other circumstances.

Epro® (Electric)

MaxPro™ RA (Pneumatic)

Emergency Shutdown for Specialty Gases in Tube Trailers, Cylinders, and Ton Containers:

MaxPro™ SG

Emergency Shutdown for Railcars, Tank Cars, & Bullet Tanks