Powell News

No matter what the application, Powell solutions are
based on the Rockwell Automation PlantPAx® distributed
control system (DCS), configured using standard control
Household sodium hypochlorite (bleach) normally maintains a pH from 12.0-13.5. Grocery store chains, discount stores, pool suppliers, and other points of distribution often require environmental hazardous cleanup with spillage of bleach having a pH greater than 12. Bleach with a pH of less than 12 allows for less rigorous clean up procedures. Powell now offers new technology for low pH sodium hypochlorite as a skid mounted system. The Powell process is an independent design that can be added onto any bleach production process.
Powell is pleased to announce that Marcio Fernandes de Abreu is our Brazilian & Portuguese Representative.
He can be contacted by phone at: 55-13-997855697 or by email at Marcio_Abreu@msn.com.
Sodium bisulfite production systems from Powell are available to produce 40% by weight sodium bisulfite using 32 or 50% sodium hydroxide and dry sulfur dioxide gas, wet sulfur dioxide gas, or liquid sulfur dioxide out of railcars, iso containers, or tank trucks.