Chilling Systems for Sodium Hypochlorite Storage

Sodium hypochlorite decomposes over time due to high levels of sodium chlorate and eventually some sodium perchlorate. Detailed information about the decomposition of sodium hypochlorite can be downloaded from the Technical Information section of this website, but as a general rule of thumb, for every 10 degrees C increase of solution temperature, sodium hypochlorite will decompose a factor of 3.5 times faster.

Water Cooled or Air Cooled Chiller

Therefore, many companies are reviewing the storage temperatures of sodium hypochlorite at the production facility or the customer’s facility. If the storage temperatures are high, sodium hypochlorite loss and the formation of sodium chlorate and sodium perchlorate may be high enough to justify the installation of a Powell Sodium Hypochlorite Chilling System.

Powell Sodium Hypochorite Chilling System

With the Powell Sodium Hypochlorite Chilling System, temperatures of the sodium hypochlorite solution can easily be chilled from 90°F to 60°F or lower (for example, some applications of the producer who wants to ship via railcar will require storage temperatures of 45°F prior to loading the sodium hypochlorite into the railcar.)

Typical System Components

Typical components of the Powell Sodium Hypochlorite Chilling System are listed below but may also include other auxilliary equipment (such as PLC Controls with Operator Interface):

  • Cooling Tower with Treatment System (if required)
  • Evaporator Storage Tank
  • Evaporator and Condenser Pumps
  • Titanium Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger(s)
  • Tefzel Lined Magnetic Drive Pump(s) for Pumping Sodium Hypochlorite

Each project is unique and Powell will design your system to meet temperature requirements and flow rates. Contact us today to discuss your particular needs.