Chemical Blending Equipment

Upgrade manually operated batch blending processes or simultaneously mix from two to six streams of liquid raw materials with precision and accuracy to produce a wide variety of finished products.

Chemical Blending Equipment

All of our chemical blending equipment are operated by high level Allen-Bradley control equipment. This allows us to automate other parts of the process as well, such as storage tank level controls.

Data logging the process conditions on a PC using Allen-Bradley software is another option.

A control system modem allows Powell to securely connect to the system when necessary to update programming and perform diagnostic analysis of the equipment.

Sulfuric Acid Blending Dilution System

Multiple raw materials with various flow rates, viscosities, and temperatures can be continuously blended, mixed and ready for packaging.

Below are some of the advantages of our continuous chemical blending equipment compared to a batch process:

Raw materials savings

  • Tight control of raw materials usage keeps finished products within specification without using excess raw materials.

Improved finished product quality

  • The accuracy and repeatability of a Powell multi stream blender is superior to large batch process methods.
  • Recipe based programming reduces set up time.

Improved productivity

  • Our chemical blending equipment is fully automatic and requires very little operator oversight, allowing personnel to attend to other tasks.
  • No need for continuous sampling, adjusting and resampling.
  • Automatically starts and stops based on demand.


  • Produce custom blends as needed.
  • Produce only the quantity needed.
  • Load directly into tank trucks.
  • Send product direct to bottling line head tank, eliminating storage


  • Automatic shutdown alarms for high or low tank levels, loss of flow, loss of pressure, flow deviation or high temperature.
  • A variety of other alarm and control set points can be programmed for each specific product.


  • 316SS product streams handle a variety of products.
  • Nonmetallic product streams handle acids, bleach and similar materials.