Frequently Asked Questions About Chlorine Line Equipment

What is Chlorine Line Equipment?

Chlorine Line Equipment sold by Powell consists of components used for chlorine handling for either gas or liquid chlorine piping systems. These include automated valve packages, manual valves, pipe and fittings, expansion tanks with rupture disks and optional switches, flexible hoses (both metallic and non-metallic), instruments, chlorine detections, container shutoff systems, and many other components. Other items include hose connections, inert pipe dope and grease, heavy duty PTFE tape, flange gaskets (both 150# and 300#), and wind socks. For more information about any of these components, visit the Chlorine Line Equipment section.

What would be examples of instruments for chlorine provided by Powell?

Powell supplied pressure gauges and pressure transmitters, and pressure switches with typical 300 flanges seals with tantalum diaphragms and inert fill. Mass flow meters with 300# flanged flanges with the correct tube material and software. Temperature transmitters with Hastelloy thermo wells and wire guided level transmitters and high level switches. Also used around piping systems are chlorine detectors for sensing leaks of the piping system and around storage tanks, railcars and iso containers, and one ton / 150 lb containers & cylinders. Click for more information about Pressure Gauge Assemblies

What are some of the major equipment systems for handling chlorine?

It is normal to pressurize a chlorine railcar, iso container, and tank truck with dry air or nitrogen to unload the vessel into the process. Powell can supply air compressors, dryers, and chlorine back flow prevention systems to successfully accomplish this process. In some cases, Powell will supply only the backflow system so either dry air or nitrogen can be supplied by the customer. See Powell Padding Systems for chlorine railcars, iso containers, and tank trucks for more information.

What equipment is used for evacuation of chlorine pipelines, vaporizers and storage tanks?

Powell supplies a packaged chlorine scrubber using sodium hydroxide to react the chlorine to sodium hypochlorite and salt. The equipment consists of pump(s), tank, optional titanium plate and frame heat exchanger, chlorine eductor, and lined steel pipe and fittings. Using the proprietary kynar eductor, very high vacuums in the range of 25” of Hg can be achieved to pull the chlorine into the scrubber. This high vacuum will boil any liquid chlorine out of the equipment and react it with the sodium hypochlorite. For more information about the evacuation of chlorine pipelines, vaporizes, and storage tanks, refer to the Powell Provent Scrubber.

What is the equipment used to remove chlorine vapor from rooms that contain one or more of the following: railcars, iso containers, tank trucks, container/cylinders and chlorine process piping?

When chlorine transportation vessels, shipping containers and piping systems are within a containment room, any chlorine leaks should be neutralized with sodium hydroxide so chlorine does not escape to the atmosphere. Powell has developed a chlorine scrubber to be connected to the containment room that is sized to handle the maximum realize of the chlorine.