Chlorine Transfer Hoses

Chlorine Transfer Hose

Chlorine transfer hoses purchased from Powell are designed, manufactured, and tested to The Chlorine Institute, LLC. Pamphlet 6, Appendix A guidelines and comply with the most recent recommendations of the Chemical Safety Board.

Each hose is fully traceable for 5 years from the date of manufacture and carries permanent manufacturer identification including the manufacturer’s name, manufacturing date, maximum work pressure (psig), minimum bend radius, gas test pressure (psig), and minimum service temperature.

Powell offers the following two configurations:

  • Monel with braided monel guard and stainless steel covering
  • Teflon with Kynar braided guard, rubber covering, and monel end fittings

Metallic Chlorine Transfer Hose

Hoses are offered with an inner core of Monel 400 of one continuous length. The thickness of the inner core exceeds guidelines set forth in The Chlorine Institute, LLC. Pamphlet 6, Appendix A. The braid is Monel 400 of diamond lay or basket weave. The outer covering is Series 300 Stainless Steel. End fittings for Monel hoses are Monel 400.

Non-Metallic Chlorine Transfer Hose

Hoses are offered with an inner core of thick virgin PTFE consisting of a 1-piece, solid extruded tube with no seams or voids and is helically corrugated to facilitate draining, cleaning, and to help reduce transfer time cycles. The braid is two layers of high pressure-rated PVDF (Kynar) and is resistant to wet or dry chlorine service. The outer covering is PVDF (Kynar) braid for added safety and structural integrity. End fittings are of Monel for dry chlorine (standard) service and have 1-inch wide hex wrench flats.

Pressure & Temperature Ratings

Minimum MAWP (Maximum Allowable Working Pressure) is not less than 375 psig at room temperature for hoses larger than 1/2" nominal diameter and not less than 500 psig at room temperature for hoses 1/2" and smaller diameter. Hoses are rated at full vacuum at room temperature.

The hose assembly is leak tested at 2 times the MAWP with air, nitrogen, or helium (not used for non-metallic hoses) for a minimum of 3 minutes under water. All pressure-containing welds are per ASME pressure code and tested per Pamphlet 6, Appendix A guidelines. The hose is designed for a burst pressure equal to five times the maximum safety relief valve setting of the tank with which it is used. Hoses are designed to operate at a MAWP between -40° F (-40° C) and 122° F (50° C).

Powell Transfer Hoses are available in different lengths and sizes. Contact us for details.