Chlorine Unloading Components

Powell can supply the required components for a complete chlorine unloading system designed in accordance with The Chlorine Institute, Inc. Pamphlet 57 guidelines. The system should include these components: chlorine transfer hoses, chlorine pressure gauges, automatic and manual ball or plug valves of Monel® or Hastelloy® C, expansion tanks, chlorine detectors, windsocks, handlebar unions, pipe thread sealant, barometric loop piping, a scrubber, a padding system, and required accessories.

Chlorine Control Module

Chlorine Unloading Module

To simplify the onsite assembly for chlorine unloading, Powell has combined high quality chlorine-rated components with the latest design recommendation from The Chlorine Institute, Inc. Pamphlet 57 into a single unit, the Chlorine Unloading Module

Railcar Air Padding System

The Powell Railcar Unloading System provides an independent source of clean, oil free, dry air in accordance with The Chlorine Institute, Inc. Pamphlet 66 guidelines for chlorine tank car pressure padding. This separate chlorine padding system is completely isolated from other air supplies to prevent chlorine vapors from accidentally mixing into the instruments and equipment. Built in redundant features protect equipment in the event of power loss, compressor failure, or failure of individual components. The standard Powell Railcar Air Padding System incorporates an air padding compressor, air drying system, and backflow prevention sub-assembly mounted on a skid along with a control system housed in a NEMA 4X box. Railcar Padding System

Railcar Padding System
Powell Backflow Preventer

A subassembly in the Powell Tank Car Padding System is available as an individual assembly. The unit is designed to prevent the back flow of chlorine gas from the tank car to the air drying system and to automatically fill the tank car. Redundant features are built in to maintain equipment protection in the event of power loss, compressor failure, or failure of individual components. Chlorine Tank Car Backflow Preventer.

Our complete continuous process systems integrate and interface with all process components, including chlorine tank car unloading systems, chlorine detectors, chlorine scrubbers, chlorine tank car padding systems, continuous bleach plants, bleach filter systems, bleach dilution systems, and all automatic process controls including tank level control systems.