High Strength Low Salt Sodium Hypochlorite Continuous Production System

Produce up to 30 wt.% sodium hypochlorite (bleach) containing only 8.5 wt.% salt.

With the reduction in salt content and with reduced levels of sodium chlorate and sodium perchlorates achieved using the patented technology, diluted High Strength Low Salt (HSLS) Hypo is a high quality product that is more stable, has a significantly extended shelf life, and is 4% lighter in weight in comparison to standard sodium hypochlorite (13 wt.% containing 10.4 wt.% salt).

The high strength, low salt sodium hypochlorite production process is a unique two stage process consisting of the chlorination stage and the salt removal stage. The plant is completely automatic and requires only that someone be available if a process upset occurs. The system has an adjustable production rate and is able to produce strengths up to 385 grams per liter available chlorine. Systems are completely skid mounted on structural steel frames. The dimensions for a system that could convert 25 STPD of chlorine to 30 wt.% Hypo would be approximately 40' long x 40' wide x 20' high.

high strength low salt bleach production

Utility and Raw Material Requirements

The basic utility and raw material requirements are as follows:

  • Liquid chlorine at a minimum pressure of 120 PSIG, or vapor chlorine (wet or dry) at a minimum pressure of 3 PSIG.
  • 50% Sodium hydroxide at a minimum pressure of 45 PSIG.
  • Process water (typically soft water) at a minimum pressure of 45 PSIG.
  • DI water (if dissolving of salt is required) at a minimum pressure of 45 PSIG.
  • Instrument quality dry air at a minimum pressure of 80 PSIG.
  • Three phase electricity for motors.
  • Instrument quality power for control system.

Materials of Construction

Standard materials of construction are listed below. Other materials are available upon request.

  • Process water and caustic: Schedule 40 stainless steel pipe and fittings.
  • Chlorine: Schedule 80 carbon steel.
  • Cooling water: Schedule 80 CPVC pipe and fittings.
  • Sodium Hypochlorite: Titanium schedule 10
  • Sodium Hypochlorite Pumps: Titanium centrifugal pumps with single mechanical seal.
  • Sodium Hypochlorite Recycle Tank: Titanium
  • Heat Exchangers: Carbon steel shell with titanium tubes.

Construction Lead Time

Construction time for a continuous bleach system is typically 12 months. The systems are completely water tested and all control systems are thoroughly checked before the system is shipped. After delivery, the purchaser must make all raw material and electrical connections. After these connections are made, Powell technician(s) will perform additional water testing, startup, and training. Startup is typically performed in a relatively short time since the unit is completely tested at the factory.

Consider the Advantages

The Powell Continuous HSLS Sodium Hypochlorite System offers many unique production, distribution, and storage advantages never before available:

Reclaimed, High Quality Salt LLCreases Profits

Up to 35% of the salt used to make the chlorine and caustic is reclaimed by the Powell Continuous HSLS Sodium Hypochlorite System. For example, a plant using 100 short tons of chlorine per day could expect to recapture approximately 60 short tons per day (21,000 short tons per year) of salt. The reclaimed salt can be recycled back to the brine treatment system of the plant. This benefit can generate a significant reduction in raw material costs since less salt will need to be purchased to operate the plant.

High Quality Product with Approximately Twice the Shelf Life of Standard Sodium Hypochlorite

When diluted to 13 wt.%, HSLS Hypo has a salt content of only 3.7 wt.%. Due to the lower ionic strength of the solution, diluted HSLS Hypo has a significantly reduced rate of decomposition. The HSLS Hypo has a half life that is almost twice that of standard sodium hypochlorite.

high strength low salt bleach production

Ship 30 wt.% HSLS Sodium Hypochlorite to an Extended Shipping Range

30 wt.% HSLS Hypo can be shipped up to 400 miles compared to the typical 150-200 mile shipping range of standard sodium hypochlorite. Transportation costs are significantly reduced in that more highly concentrated product can be shipped to twice the shipping range, allowing the distributor to increase their customer base while also lowering their shipping costs. A 5,000 gallon shipment of 30 wt.% HSLS Hypo equals 13,750 gallons of 13 wt. % of standard sodium hypochlorite.

Shipping Diluted HSLS Hypo

Because it is lighter and more stable than standard sodium hypochlorite, shipping diluted HSLS Hypo offers many cost saving advantages. Unlike shipments of standard sodium hypochlorite, decomposition of the product is minimized to an insignificant rate. As a result, the diluted HSLS Hypo arrives at its destination close to the same strength as when it was originally shipped.

high strength low salt bleach decomposition diagram

HSLS Hypo diluted to 13.5 wt.% has the same shelf life as standard 10.5 wt.% sodium hypochlorite. Companies shipping 13.5 wt.% sodium hypochlorite can increase their shipment load (on a 100% basis) up to 33% without any increase in decomposition.

One 5,000 gallon shipment of 13 wt.% diluted HSLS Hypo contains 3,900 pounds less salt than standard sodium hypochlorite.

Improved Sodium Hypochlorite Based Products

Before now, many products in the consumer market were limited due to the higher salt content found in standard sodium hypochlorite. HSLS Hypo increases the possibilities of offering better and more cost effective formulations of specialized household cleaners to the consumer, resulting in an improved product.

Complete Line of Sodium Hypochlorite Processing & Filtration Systems

Whatever your sodium hypochlorite production volume, Powell can provide a Sodium Hypochlorite Processing System to meet your unique needs.