Chemical Dilution Systems

Powell Dilution Systems are designed for the continuous diluting and blending of multiple streams of feedstock. Precise control provides accurate and repeatable results even when blending complex recipes. Systems can be operated to produce specific batch quantities or operated continuously based on demand.

Two Stream Blending & Dilution System

Tank truck loading and bottling line head tank filling are other frequent applications for dilution systems.

Dilution Systems can vary in size from compact freestanding systems to skid mounted systems with integrated heat exchangers.

Production capacities can range from several gallons per minute to several hundred gallons per minute of product.

Chemical Blending Dilution System

Systems can operate based on volume measurement. For increased accuracy and repeatability, mass flow & density measurements are used.

Materials of construction are project and chemical specific and may (for example) include socket welded polyethylene pipe, threaded carbon steel pipe, 150# flanged Teflon lined steel pipe, or butt welded 316 stainless steel pipe.

Sulfuric Acid Blending Dilution System

An Allen-Bradley control system is supplied with a color screen display for the HMI (Human Machine Interface) for an operator to view critical process data. This information can be easily networked to other Powell equipment control systems using a number of common protocols.

A variety of control system alarms are provided to ensure product quality is not compromised due to a low flow condition.

Pressure & Flow Instrumentation, Control Valves and Heat Exchangers can be provided from a variety of manufacturers to meet your existing plant specifications.

Upon request, Powell can supply a broadband or telephone modem as part of the control system allowing Powell remote access for programming upgrades when needed.

Complete dilution system packages can include raw material supply pumps, motor starters, cooling water systems, network communications, and automation for multiple storage tanks including guided radar level gauges and automated fill valves. This optional remote mounted equipment, when combined with Powell’s advance programming techniques, allows for uninterrupted product flow.

Powell Dilution Systems are shipped fully assembled and programmed after being electrically tested and hydrostatically tested with water by Powell craftsman at our facility.

A comprehensive Operation & Maintenance manual is provided and includes complete electrical prints and programming logic.

On-site technical assistance is available upon request for start up and operator training or for performing scheduled preventive maintenance and calibration. Additional charges apply for these services. Contact Powell for details.

Dilution Systems are designed for use with various chemicals including but not limited to:

Dilution System Features:

  • A fully assembled, skid-mounted system complete with controls, piping, and valves.
  • Multiple stream blending with automatic shutdown from loss of raw materials or dilution error.
  • A repeatable final product allows tight product specifications and reduces loss of raw materials.

Typical Pricing

Powell Dilution System pricing starts at $55,000.00 US dollars.

The pricing varies based on total flow rate, materials of construction, specific instrumentation required, heat load, and final design that may include optional equipment such as pumps, motor starters, and tank level controls.

Call or email Powell today to discuss your project requirements and to obtain a price proposal for your dilution system.