Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach) Dilution & Blending Systems

Powell Bleach Dilution & Blending Systems combine soft water and sodium hypochlorite to produce a high quality diluted strength bleach product.

An optional caustic stream can be provided to add sodium hydroxide as needed, increasing the amount of excess caustic in the diluted bleach. This provides the ability to produce very specialized bleach products to meet a wide variety of customer specifications.

Bleach Dilution & Blending System

A properly sized bleach dilution & blending system can reduce the amount of storage tanks at a given facility since only filtered, concentrated bleach is kept on hand to feed the dilution system.

Bulk tank truck filling, bottling line operations, tote filling, and other demands for reduced strength bleach can be met by single or multiple bleach dilution & blending systems.

The Sodium Hypochlorite Dilution & Blending System also provides the ability to receive high strength, low salt sodium hypochlorite shipments in higher concentrations and to then dilute the shipments to the desired bleach strength upon receipt.

Like all Powell Dilution & Blending Systems, the Bleach Dilution & Blending System is skid-mounted and includes a system control panel, lined steel piping, and control valves. A Powell supplied static mixer is installed downstream of the dilution system, ensuring proper mixing.

Materials of construction are appropriate for use with sodium hypochlorite and instrumentation can be provided to meet a variety of specifications.

The control system is programmed to instantly self adjust the dilution streams in the event of flow rate variations. If the flow rate cannot be automatically corrected, a deviation alarm stops the dilution process, protecting the pumps and ensuring consistent product quality.

The system provides a consistent final product of diluted bleach, allowing tight product specifications to be maintained, as well as reducing loss of raw materials.


  • A skid-mounted system complete with controls, piping, and valves.
  • Multiple stream blending with automatic shutdown from loss of raw materials or dilution error.

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