Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic) Dilution & Blending System

Powell Caustic Dilution & Blending Systems are designed for diluting 50% caustic solution to reduced strengths such as 30%, 25% or 10%. The system is constructed with butt-welded stainless steel piping. Standard flow measurement is volume based using magnetic flow meters.

Caustic Dilution System

Enhanced flow measurement based on the mass & density measurements of the concentrated caustic is achieved using an Alloy C-22 meter. This allows the dilution & blending system to automatically compensate for any variations in the concentrated feedstock.

For applications where the heat of dilution must be controlled, a stainless steel plate heat exchanger can be integrated into the design. A Powell supplied heat exchanger will yield a dilute caustic temperature that is 5°F greater than the cooling water supply temperature.

Powell Caustic Dilution & Blending Systems can be used to increase the accuracy of batch bleach systems, automatically maintaining scrubber tower systems, bulk loading, and other project specific process requirements.

The Powell Sodium Hydroxide Dilution & Blending System is custom designed and engineered for your project's required flow rate and range of dilute caustic strength. If required, process water and 50% caustic and cooling water pumps are available from Powell upon request.


  • A fully assembled, skid-mounted system complete with controls, piping, and valves.
  • Multiple stream blending with automatic shutdown from loss of raw materials or dilution error.
  • A repeatable final product allows tight product specifications and reduces loss of raw materials.