Hydrogen Peroxide Dilution

hydrogen peroxide dilution system

The Powell Hydrogen Peroxide Dilution & Blending System combines water and additive streams to produce a high quality diluted product from a strength of up to 70% hydrogen peroxide. The system is skid-mounted and the package includes 316 stainless steel pipe fittings and valves. Materials of construction are appropriate for use with hydrogen peroxide and instrumentation can be designed to work with specific applications.

The system features a remote display panel for operator interface. The multiple-stream blending function will automatically shut down if loss of raw materials or dilution error occurs.

The control system is programmed to instantly self adjust the dilution streams in the event of flow rate variations. If the flow rate cannot be automatically corrected, a deviation alarm stops the dilution process, protecting the pumps and ensuring consistent product quality. The system provides a consistent final product of diluted hydrogen peroxide, allowing tight product specifications to be maintained and reducing loss of raw materials.


  • A skid-mounted system with complete package controls, piping, and valves.
  • Multiple stream blending with automatic shutdown from loss of raw materials or dilution error.
  • A repeatable final product of diluted hydrogen peroxide allows tight product specifications and reduces loss of raw materials.
  • Feed forward control system uses density control for more difficult dilution requirements.