Produce High Quality Sodium Hypochlorite

The Powell Sodium Hypochlorite Filter System provides the highest quality sodium hypochlorite available on the market and can be used with any quality caustic to yield sodium hypochlorite that can be packaged for the household market using sealed bottles, the drinking water industry, or any other application required.

Bleach Filter System

Why Filter Bleach?

Filtering of sodium hypochlorite to remove heavy metals and suspended solids is required in almost every application. Typically, sodium hypochlorite used in drinking water treatment and laundry bleach packaged in bottles must be filtered. Other typical applications that require filtered sodium hypochlorite include wastewater treatment applications and any sodium hypochlorite stored at the customer’s site in large tanks where accumulated suspended solids will precipitate with the heavy metals and settle to the bottom of the tanks.

You can produce sodium hypochlorite using any quality of sodium hydroxide, including diaphragm cell caustic. This gives you a wider choice of suppliers, which usually results in lower material cost and subsequent reductions in production costs.

You can sell your higher quality product at a higher price, a basic principle of supply and demand that's been proven many times in the more than 25 years we've sold Powell Bleach Filters.

High purity sodium hypochlorite does not decompose as rapidly as standard grade, so you can reduce the strength of the product you produce.

Oxygen formation is significantly lower. As a result, product safety is improved, allowing customers to package product without bottles swelling due to oxygen formation.

Costly customer quality complaints relating to oxygen and solids formation in storage tanks, pumps and piping are eliminated.

After filtration, sniff gas bleach can be sold as high quality bleach.

Virtually all contaminants are removed during final filtration so most plant wastewater, including filter backwash water, containment area drains, water softener backwash and other wastewater, can be reused to make bleach. Many plants using the Powell system have no waste water connects to sanitary sewer systems.

The only filtering method that will produce the required results for these circumstances is a system that uses a filter aid in conjunction with additives to the bleach to help complex the metals and suspended solids. The typical filter aid used in the Powell filter system is perlite. With a proper choice of filter aids and additives, it is possible to achieve maximum particle size of approximately 0.2 micron and metal contents of < 0.5 PPM of iron, < 0.05 PPM of nickel, and < 0.05 PPM of copper.

The Powell Sodium Hypochlorite Filter System is the only packaged system available that offers an engineered system with guaranteed performance.

Standard sizes of filters are 100, 200 or 300 square feet. Any of the filters can be purchased with a reduced number of plates, reducing the initial cost. For example, a 300 sq ft filter can be supplied with 200 square feet of plate. Additional plates can be added as flow rate and capacity require.

Powell also offers filter systems for smaller applications. Contact us for details.

The filter shell and pump are constructed of titanium with fiberglass precoat tank and PVC piping, providing an expected service life of 30 to 35 years for major components of the system. All parts of the system are easily repaired and maintained. Typically, the filter is inspected every 6 to 9 months depending on the type of operation, and the filter cloth is replaced every 12 months with minimal expense.

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