Control Panel

Powell Control Systems

Powell has a variety of control panel options available to upgrade existing bleach plants and can supply a complete control system that has been designed, assembled, programmed, and tested for your system. Since the upgrade updates the original wiring to provide complete PLC control, a new unit eliminates the need for individual controllers and panel-mounted indicators. All control and final indication is done with a color touch screen mounted on the front of the panel. Additional screen displays can also be included to provide remote indication and/or control. The control panel can also include a phone modem to allow remote access via phone line or a VPN connection to allow remote access via the Internet. This remote access allows Powell personnel to provide technical assistance and programming enhancements instantly.

Features & Benefits of Control Panels

Increased reliability of the control system

  • Reduces downtime and emergency maintenance service calls.
  • The modern control system is more compact, uses less power, and operates cooler than previous devices.
  • The technology is less affected by temperature extremes, vibration, and other elements typically found in an industrial setting.

Remote & secure VPN connection to the control panel

Powell personnel can troubleshoot the system and download programming enhancements, minimizing service calls and down time.

Operator friendly control system with one touch startup and color display screen

  • Reduces training requirements for new operators.
  • Displays all relevant data in real time such as set points, flow rates, pressures, temperatures, and other critical measurements in a single 15" touch screen that is laid out using color graphics.
  • Eliminates the need for an operator to know how to control several different instruments mounted to the bleach plant.
  • Permissive screens show the status of each required process loop for bleach production. If the bleach plant will not start, an operator can instantly identify the cause and take corrective action.
  • Screens are provided for viewing alarm history, adjusting alarm set points, and other functions. These are password protected to prevent unauthorized access.

Increased accuracy of the instrumentation

  • Improved control of final product specifications and repeatability can reduce raw material consumption.
  • Track usage of process water, caustic and chlorine to allow for greater inventory accuracy.
  • Trend data to project future inventory needs.

Expandable control system architecture

Supports future automation, such as tank farm level monitoring, tank farm valve management, or gas detection systems.

Tank Level Management System

Powell can design and engineer a complete tank level management system package. This engineered package includes the necessary control system and communication hardware, programming and components to continuously monitor the level and operate the filling valves of existing bleach storage tanks. Once installed, this system can be easily expanded by adding instruments and blocks of programming for each new tank in service.