ORP Electrodes (Direct Immersion)

Powell Electrodes

Powell ORP Electrodes (also known as Oxidation Reduction Potential Electrodes) are suitable for many ORP applications including the following:

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Powell Has the Best ORP Technology - Years of Proven Service

The Powell Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) Electrode utilizes platinum for the measuring electrode and silver for the reference electrode. The unit has proven itself in numerous years of service in chlorine scrubbing, sodium hypochlorite production, chlorine and bleach neutralization, and ferric chloride industries and is suitable for use in any halogen chemical service including scrubbers, neutralization tanks, and batching tanks. Powell ORP Electrodes are available for 1" to 18" pipe sizes, are known for their long service life, and have been designed for simple installation and maintenance.

Powell technology has been successfully applied to chlorine scrubbing for over 40 years. Chloralkali production plants such as Occidental Chemical and Olin Chemical in the United States, Sasol LTD in South Africa, Orica in Australia, Carbocloro in Brazil, Occidental in Chile, and many others throughout the world use proprietary Powell ORP Electrodes for this application.

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Oxidation-Reduction Potential Electrodes - Simple Rugged Design

orp installation
  • Kynar® electrode holder designed to fit between companion flanges.
  • Kynar® electrode body.
  • PVC moisture-resistant dust caps (not shown in photo on the right).
  • No electrolyte solution.
  • Direct in-line usage.
  • Optional electrode holders for other applications