Chlorine Plant Scrubber

Skid mounted chlorine scrubbers can be supplied by Powell Fabrication up to a nominal rate of 1000 tons per day of chlorine. These chlorine scrubbers are designed to take the full output from the chlor/alkali plant and neutralize all the chlorine to levels of 3-5 PPM of chlorine at the discharge point. The chlorine discharge concentrations are by design and can be adjusted to suit plant requirements.

Chlorine Plant Scrubber

Different design rates can be accomplished such as 100% flow for 15 minutes or 100% flow for 8 minutes and 50% flow for 7 minutes. The final design is determined during the process safety review. Tower discharge temperatures can be controlled by heat exchangers and recycle rates through the tower and are usually limited to 160F-170F (70C-75C).

The scrubbing solution is typically 18-20% sodium hydroxide. Powell can supply an integrated caustic dilution system to dilute 32% or 50% sodium hydroxide to the required final strength.

Each system is designed based on customer requirements. It can be one or two stage and can be integrated with a Powell Sodium Hypochlorite Production System.

Choices of materials, instruments, pumps and controls are flexible and will depend on the final design of the system. Depending on the final location of the equipment, either ASME, ANSI, or DIN systems design will apply. Some material of construction/manufacturer choices are listed below and many equipment choices such as brand name of pumps, instruments, controls and piping will be driven by final location of the scrubber.


  • Structural Steel Frame
  • Tanks: CPVC/FRP, ECTFE/FRP, titanium, or hastelloy C
  • Columns: ECTFE/FRP, titanium, or hastelloy C
  • Pumps: Titanium, hastelloy C or lined magnetic drive
  • Piping: CPVC, fusion welded PVDF, fusion welded ECTFE, dual laminate FRP, titanium
  • Valves: Lined steel, lined FRP, plug valves, ball valves, other
  • Instrumentation: Rosemount, Yokogawa, Endress Hauser, other
  • PLC controls: Allen Bradley, Siemens
  • DCS: Local junction boxes on skids direct wired to chlor/alkali DCS.