Eductor for Chlorine or Sulfur Dioxide


The Powell Eductor is suitable for use in liquid and gas applications and was developed to safely evacuate chlorine or sulfur dioxide cylinders, tankers, railcars, and piping systems. The unit is based on a unique manufacturing concept and is custom sized for each application. Sodium hydroxide is typically used for the motive liquid.

Liquid Chlorine & Sulfur Dioxide Evacuation Test

On October 8, 1992, Powell released a total of 500 pounds of liquid chlorine and 300 pounds of liquid sulfur dioxide in 50 pound batches (see video below). The batches were released into a containment sump to evaluate the performance of the liquid eductor option to remove these chemicals in liquid form from containment sumps. A series of tests were conducted using a 2" eductor (2L) and a 3" eductor (3L).

The liquid chlorine and liquid sulfur dioxide testing verified the ability to pull liquid chlorine or sulfur dioxide from a sump into an eductor with 15' of lift using caustic as the motive liquid. The eductor maintained a vacuum in the liquid piping. The results of the most significant testing are listed in the table below. The average rate of removal does not include the first part of each test since the removal rate was higher when filling the loop and should not be considered in the average.


Device Type Lift Average Rate of Removal (#/Minute)
2L Eductor 15' 6.0
2L Eductor 15'-12' 6.0
2L Eductor 0' 26
3L Eductor 15' 12.0

Sulfur Dioxide

Device Type Lift Average Rate of Removal (#/Minute)
2L Eductor 15' 5.0
2L Eductor 0' 13.5
3L Eductor 15' 6.0
3L Eductor 0' 12.0


The Liquid Eductor installation is a viable method to remove liquid chlorine or liquid sulfur dioxide from collection sumps up to a maximum of 15 feet lift. The flow rates achieved by using the eductor system significantly improve the cleanup time of a chlorine or sulfur dioxide spill. Due to design considerations with respect to pump size and required horsepower, the 2L eductor is the most practical unit to be installed in the Powell Chlorine or Sulfur Dioxide Scrubber system.