Portable Scrubber System

for use with chlorine or sulfur dioxide

The Powell Portable Chlorine/Sulfur Dioxide scrubber is designed for the isolation of chlorine or sulfur dioxide from piping for maintenance purposes. The unit is completely self-contained and can be safely carried by fork truck. The standard design is able to neutralize 400 pounds of chlorine or sulfur dioxide.

Portable Scrubber System

The compact Powell Portable Scrubber System is able to obtain 25" of mercury vacuum at shutoff and 2 SCFM flow at 5" of mercury vacuum. The unit typically uses 20% by weight sodium hydroxide.

Materials of Construction

  • 3-hp Tefzel® magnetic drive pump.
  • ½" by 25’ hose for chlorine connection Kynar and CPVC Schedule 80 pipe and fittings.
  • Motor starter/disconnect and 50’ extension cord for power from a welding outlet.
  • Optional ORP monitoring system.