Guardian 2000 Multi-Purpose Process Scrubber

for use with chlorine or sulfur dioxide

The Powell Guardian 2000 Scrubber is a single pass venturi scrubber designed for emergency scrubbing of major chlorine or sulfur dioxide releases from ton containers in containment rooms. Flow rates for the scrubber are determined by computerized numerical modeling. The scrubber unit features lined steel pipe and fittings, titanium pump with mill and chemical duty motor, custom scrubber tanks, optional eductor systems, and optional sparger for evaporator safeties.

Process Scrubber System

Other Features Include

  • No recycle of vent gas containing sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite thus eliminating equipment damage during testing and actual releases.
  • No fans or blowers to maintain.
  • No build up of pressure in the containment room.
  • Customizable

The Powell Guardian 2000 Scrubber can be modified for your specific needs. Contact us for more information.