Simplified Suspended Solids Test for Sodium Hypochlorite Solutions


This procedure describes how to use a filter test system as an aid to easily determine the clarity of sodium hypochlorite solutions. The bleach filter test equipment is inexpensive and is designed for use at the customer's site. For laboratory-quality equipment and procedures, please refer to the  "Suspended Solids Quality Test for Bleach Using Vacuum Filtration."

Apparatus: Field Bleach Vacuum Test Kit (see Figure 1 below)

Simplified Solids Test

To Order a Field Bleach Vacuum Test Kit, contact a Powell Sales Representative and request Powell Item No: 935-05586.


  1. Nalgene™ 180 PVC Vacuum Tubing
  2. Air Cadet Portable Air/Vacuum Pressure Stations
  3. Nalgene™ Brand Polypropylene Flask with Angled Tabulation
  4. Nalgene™ Vacuum Filter Holder
  5. Vacuum Gauge
  6. Millipore™ Filters, DVPP type, 0.65 micron pore size
  7. 1000 ml graduated cylinders or beakers


Procedure Note: All apparatus should be kept clean and dust free

  1. Assemble filter. Use forceps to place one filter on the plastic support base. Put filter funnel and clamp in place.
  2. Shake sample bottle. Fill graduated cylinder or beaker to the 1000 ml mark with solution.
  3. Start Vacuum.
  4. Slowly pour the 1000 ml into the top of the vacuum holder. When sample has filtered through completely, record the time to filter.

Note: Bleach that has not been filtered with submicron filtration will take approximately 6 to 8 times longer than filtered product. Typically 1000 ml of high clarity bleach will take less than five minutes at 20" Hg vacuum. After filtration, the filter paper should be near white with virtually no retained particles. Discolored filter paper typically indicates the presences of iron.

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