Complete Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach) Process

Powell has developed and maintained an in-depth understanding of the technology to produce very high quality sodium hypochlorite. Our complete continuous process systems integrate and interface with all process components including chlorine tank car unloading systems with chlorine detectors, chlorine scrubbers, continuous sodium hypochlorite systems, sodium hypochlorite filter systemsodium hypochlorite dilution system and all automatic process controls including tank level control systems. If your requirements necessitate, we can also provide a continuous process that would combine chlorine and caustic. This continuous process can be connected to a membrane cell plant. The Powell Continuous Sodium Hypochlorite System and Scrubber System can also be integrated into the DCS system of the membrane cell plant.

To learn more about each of the components in the complete Powell Continuous Sodium Hypochlorite Process, click on the images in the flow chart below.

Continuous Sodium Hypochlorite Production Process Ideal for applications where air or nitrogen are readily available. Requires 90 psig to operate. Fail-closed design operates even if AC power or air pressure is lost. Powell gas detection systems integretate with Powell Valve Closure Systems.Pressurized railcars of chlorine frequently require additional pressure to facilitate the railcar unloading operation at user production facilities. This practice - often called pressure padding - introduces air or nitrogen into the vapor space above the liquid chlorine in the car to force the liquid chlorine out of the liquid angle valve at the top of the car. Typically air, as opposed to nitrogen, is used as the pad gas. The Powell ProVent Equipment Scrubber is designed to evacuate transfer hoses, piping, and vaporizers used for chlorine or sulfur dioxide process systems. The Powell ProVent, which can be sized for your specific needs, recirculates a caustic soda solution through an eductor to safely neutralize any chlorine remaining in the hoses or piping. In case of power failure, the scrubber can still neutralize chlorine or sulfur dioxide under pressure.Chlorine Tank Car:  Powell offers a full inventory of chlorine line equipment, unloading equipment, and motion detection systems.  Powell UniPro Valve Closure Systems can be integrated with the Powell Railcar Motion Detection System which will trigger the valves to be closed in the event railcar movement is detected.Chlorine Control Module:  The Powell Chlorine Control Module is designed for the offloading of chlorine from railcars. Powell has combined high quality, chlorine-rated components with the latest design recommendations from The Chlorine Institute, Inc. Pamphlet 57 into a single unit.  Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach) Continuous System:  The Powell Continuous Sodium Hypochlorite Process System is designed to manufacture sodium hypochlorite with greater efficiency and higher quality than previously obtainable with batch or continuous methods.  The process, which uses liquid or vapor chlorine and caustic, is versatile and has the design capability of making any concentration of sodium hypochlorite solution from 20 to 200 grams per liter available chlorine.Sentry 2000 Chlorine Scrubber:  The system is a 4-stage, single-pass scrubber with a horizontal packed bed of high efficiency packing material. The Sentry 2000 can achieve virtually any stack emission performance desired. Thus, it is possible to control performance of the system based on any inlet and outlet concentrations and flow rates.Chlorine Padding System:  The Powell Railcar Padding System provides an independent source of clean, oil free, dry air in accordance with The Chlorine Institute, Inc. Pamphlet 66 guidelines for chlorine tank car pressure padding. This separate chlorine padding system is completely isolated from other air supplies to prevent chlorine vapors from accidentally mixing into the instruments and equipment.Filtrate Water Dilution System:  designed to reduce or  eliminate liquid water discharge from a bleach production process.Unfiltered Bleach TanksSodium Hypochlorite (Bleach) Filter System:  The Powell Sodium Hypochlorite Filter System provides the highest quality sodium hypochlorite available in the market and can be used with any quality caustic to yield sodium hypochlorite that can be packaged for the household market using sealed bottles, the drinking water industry, or any other application required.Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach) Dilution System:  The Powell Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach) Dilution System combines water and sodium hypochlorite to produce a high quality diluted strength bleach product.  An optional caustic stream can be provided to add sodium hydroxide as needed, increasing the amount of excess caustic of the diluted bleach. This provides the ability to produce very specialized bleach products to meet a wide variety of customer specifications.Filtrate Water TanksSodium Hypochlorite Filter Backwash:  Powell offers a plate and frame filter press for de-watering backwash discharge from filter-aided filter systems. Plastic wetted parts eliminate the need for neutralization. Water washing and air drying produce a pH balanced dry cake ready for disposal. Wastewater Process TankBleach Storage TanksWaste Dry Cake DischargeTransportation TruckBleach Loading Pump