Emergency Valve Closure Systems

for Gas Cylinders, Ton Containers, Tube Trailers, Railcars, Tank Cars, and Bullet Tanks

Powell is the only manufacturer to offer both electric and pneumatic emergency shutdown systems for chlorine and other hazardous compressed gas cylinders and container sizes including 150 lb cylinders, ton containers, 90-ton railcars, bullet tanks, and railcars. Systems can be configured to close valves within seconds in the event of a gas leak, car or container movement, security breach, fire alarm, seismic event, or numerous other circumstances.

Powell Emergency Valve Closure Systems are the most durable emergency shutdown systems available anywhere. Before any Powell system went to market, it was first subjected to extensive and exhaustive durability testing. Click here for more information

Emergency Shutdown for 150 lb Cylinders & Ton Containers

Epro® (Electric)

MaxPro™ RA (Pneumatic)

For Specialty Gases in Tube Trailers, Cylinders, and Ton Containers:

MaxPro™ SG

Emergency Shutdown for Railcars, Tank Cars, & Bullet Tanks