E-Pro® Electric Shut Off Valve Closure System

for 150 lb Gas Cylinders and Ton Containers

Designed for both ton containers and 150-lb gas cylinders, the E-Pro® Electric Valve Closure System prevents reportable releases of pressurized hazardous gases at the source. Improve your Risk Management Planning (RMP) scenarios with an electric-powered system that not only promises convenient and easy installation, but also superior performance and reliability.

E-Pro System


Uses standard 120-volt AC power. Ideal for smaller plants or remote facilities not having compressed air or nitrogen required by pneumatic systems. Unlike battery-powered units, you don’t have to worry about system failure when the batteries discharge.


Applicable to a variety of valve designs and hazardous chemicals in 150lb cylinders and ton containers, including but not limited to:

  • Anhydrous Ammonia
  • Bromomethane
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Chlorine
  • Hydrogen Chloride
  • Hydrogen Cyanide
  • Hydrogen Fluoride
  • Methyl Mercaptan
  • Sulfur Dioxide

*Designed in accordance with The Chlorine Institute’s guidelines for valve closure systems.

Also accommodates vacuum regulators (chlorinators).


Designed for both ton containers and 150-lb gas cylinders. Unique mounting bracket easily attaches and detaches from the valve stem in seconds, without tools.


Only 8.5 pounds – makes handling the system safer and easier. Also reduces cantilever stresses when mounted horizontally on 1-ton containers.


Mounts on the valve body, not the yoke. This prevents any torque from being transferred to the yoke, which could cause the lead gasket between the yoke and the cylinder valve or container valve to fail, causing a leak.


The unique, new mounting bracket can be mated to any of several available valve adapters - allowing the system to be used on valves commonly found on chlorine cylinders, chlorine ton containers, sulfur dioxide cylinders, sulfur dioxide ton containers, anhydrous ammonia cylinders, anhydrous ammonia ton containers, liquid hydrogen chloride cylinders, liquid hydrogen chloride containers, and many more. Following is an example of the various kinds of valves the E-Pro system is compatible with:

Epro Valve Closure System


Automatically responds to any alarm input, closing valves with 40 lb-ft of torque in less than 5 seconds.

E-Pro Valve Closure System

Designed and field-tested, the E-Pro® Electric Valve Closure System was two years in the making. The result: A unique system that delivers superior performance, durability and reliability.

That’s Reliable Engineering.

System Components

Every component of the E-Pro® Electric Valve Closure System is engineered to be more versatile, efficient, and reliable than alternative units on the market. The System includes the actuator, control panel, mounting bracket, uninterruptible power supply, remote E-stop and wrench.


A push button on the end of the actuator makes it easy to re-open any non-leaking valve.


The actuator is constructed of aircraft-quality aluminum and high-grade carbon and stainless steels for maximum service life. Its housing is sealed to prevent intrusion from wind and water in outdoor applications. While a two-step polyurethane coating provides corrosion protection.

UniPro Control Panel

The E-Pro® System’s unique mounting mechanism, coupled with its lightweight, compact design, make it especially suited for horizontal application on 1-ton containers.

Maximum Control

The E-Pro® Control Panel automatically activates the actuator to close the valve in the event of an accidental release, fire alarm, seismic event, security breach, process shutdown, or other monitored condition. You can also manually activate the system by depressing the emergency stop button on the panel.

E-Pro® Junction Box Information

The E-Pro® junction box contains 20 feet of cable to operate the actuators. It is required if the distance between the control panel and the furthest actuator is greater than 19 feet. Junction boxes are provided for the single, double, quad and hex control panels.

E-Pro junction box