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Chlorine, Sodium Hypochlorite, Scrubbers, Bleach Filtration, and More

Powell has been involved in the sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) and chlorine (Cl2) industry since 1964 and is a leading innovator and provider of equipment to safely and efficiently produce, filter, dilute, store, monitor, load, and unload chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, sulfur dioxide, methanol, ammonia, phosgene, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, and a variety of other chemicals. Powell offers customized solutions for the safe handling and containment of hazardous gases. We are viewed as experts by our customers around the world.


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[Collapse]Category: Presentations/White Papers
 The Chlorine Institute 2015: Understanding Bleach Degradation by Dr. Bernie Bubnis Preview Download
 High Strength Low Salt Hypo (HSLS Hypo): Improved Hypo Quality and Production (Hardman) Preview Download
 High Strength Low Salt (HSLS) Bleach: Chemical Basis for Improved Bleach Quality and Production (Bubnis) PDF Preview Download
 New Developement in Sodium Hypochlorite Manufacturing: High Strength Low Salt Bleach (Gordon & Pisarenko) PDF Preview Download
[Collapse]Category: Redox/ORP Electrodes
 The Control of Bleach Manufacture by Oxidation Potential Preview Download
 Oxidation Reduction Potential for Ferric Chloride Endpoint Control Preview Download
[Collapse]Category: Scrubber Systems
 Horizontal Packed Scrubbers Preview Download
 Chlorine Emissions Test for Sentry 2000 Preview Download
 Evaluation of Sentry 2000 Design by Ralph Strigle (Part 1) Preview Download
 Evaluation of Emissions for the Sentry 2000 Preview Download
 Engineering Considerations Preview Download
[Collapse]Category: Sodium Hypochlorite
 Sodium Hypochlorite AWWA Specifications Preview Download
 The Bleach Strength Test Preview Download
 Sodium Hypochlorite Sampling Procedures Preview Download
 A Titration Method for Measuring Chlorate Ion in Concentrated Bleach Solutions Preview Download
 Sample Specification for High Quality Sodium Hypochlorite for Municipalities Preview Download
 Sodium Hypochlorite Manufacturing Variations Preview Download
 Sodium Chlorate Crystals Preview Download
 General Information about the Powell Sodium Hypochlorite Continuous Production System Preview Download
 Sodium Hypochlorite General Information Handbook Preview Download
[Collapse]Category: Sodium Hypochlorite Filters
 Simplified Suspended Solids Test for Sodium Hypochlorite Solutions Preview Download
 Suspended Solids Quality Test for Bleach Using Vacuum Filtration Preview Download
 Bleach Filter Test (5 Samples of Bleach Results) Preview Download
 Sodium Hypochlorite Production Accuracy Preview Download
 Value vs. Price: Choosing a Bleach Filter System Preview Download
[Collapse]Category: Software
 Sodium Hypochlorite Decomposition Software Preview Download