Sodium Hypochlorite Raw Material Usage (Material Balance) Tools

Determine how implementing enhancements to the sodium hypochlorite production process results in better process control, lower recycle temperatures, and improved repeatability. The tool is available in both English and Metric units and includes calculations for Grams per Liter Available Chlorine, Grams per Liter Excess Caustic, Grams per Liter Sodium Chlorate, Weight Percent of Caustic for Chlorination, Trade Percent of Available Chlorine, Wt. % of Available Chlorine, and Wt. % of Sodium Hypochlorite.

Sodium Hypochlorite Decomposition Online Tool

View on-line comparisons of the decomposition of filtered versus non-filtered sodium hypochlorite based on your selected starting weight percent (between 3% and 16.5%) and temperature (15 to 40 degrees Celsius). Sodium Hypochlorite Decomposition Online Tool

Sodium Hypochlorite Decomposition Software

The Powell Sodium Hypochlorite Decomposition Program generates graphs and tables illustrating the decomposition of both low salt and standard (traditional) sodium hypochlorite based on the user's selected temperature and starting strength (up to 30% by weight).

The user can automatically generate tables and graphs depicting the decomposition of sodium hypochlorite over time (between 1 and 360 days) based on the selected temperatures and starting strength.

The Powell Sodium Hypochlorite Decomposition Program is available for free. ***Click here to download***

Sodium Chlorate Estimation Tool

The Sodium Chlorate Estimation Tool can be used to estimate the amount of sodium chlorate formed for a given sodium hypochlorite solution. In a bleach production process, higher reaction efficiencies produce lower chlorate formation which results in raw material savings. A typical Powell continuous bleach process will produce less than 1 gram per liter sodium chlorate. Powell’s experience has shown that sodium chlorate levels in “typical” processes range from 5-8 grams per liter.

Sodium Hypochlorite Dilution Tool

The Sodium Hypochlorite Dilution Tool allows you to easily determine the amount of water needed to dilute any strength of sodium hypochlorite to achieve a specified strength. The calculated amount of water added to dilute strong sodium hypochlorite is approximate and accurate to within +- 2%. Further accuracy is easily achieved by using the actual known specific gravity of the strong bleach.

Sodium Hydroxide Dilution Tool

Easily determine the amount of water needed to dilute any strength of sodium hydroxide. Sodium Hydroxide Dilution Tool

Hydrochloric Acid Dilution Tool

Easily determine the amount of water needed to dilute any strength of hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric Acid Dilution Tool

UniChlor™ (Chloralkali) Technology Feasibility Tool

Identifies the ideal candidates for producing chlorine onsite as determined by production volume, cost of raw materials, and more. The tool illustrates the dynamic role each plays in determining the additional cash flow that may be achieved with the use of UniChlor™ Technology, UniChlor Technology Feasibility Tool

UniChlor™ Technology Animation

The animation illustrates each component and process of the typical Chloralkali plant in a simplistic and entertaining way. Animation of Chloralkali Plant