Sodium Hypochlorite Specifications (Filtered)

for 12 Trade Percent Available Chlorine

Formula NaOCl in water
Grams Per Liter: 120 GPL
Specific Gravity Range: 1.159-1.164
% by Weight Excess Sodium Hydroxide: 0.1-0.4
Weight % Available Chlorine: 10.356-10.311*
Weight % Sodium Hypochlorite: 10.870-10.830*
Pound / Gallon Available Chlorine: 1 Pound / Gallon
Gallons Required to Obtain 1 Pound of Chlorine: 1 Gallon
Iron: <0.5 mg/L (0.5 PPM)
Copper: <0.05 mg/L (0.05 PPM)
Nickel: <0.05 mg/L (0.05 PPM)
Chlorate at Time of Production: <1,500 mg/L (1500 PPM)
Novatek Suspended Solids Test: <3 Minutes
Appearance: Greenish-Yellow Liquid

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