Sample Specification for High Quality Sodium Hypochlorite Municipalities

The Requirement

Under this schedule, the Contractor must furnish liquid sodium hypochlorite FOB destination in accordance with the American Water Works Association's Standard B-300-92 for sodium hypochlorite, except as modified or supplemented herein.

Delivery Requirements

Contractor must be capable of making deliveries within (3) working days after receipt of order.

The Contractor shall be responsible for any spills resulting from the failure of its or its subcontractor's delivery equipment or from failure of attendant delivery personnel in the proper performance of their duties. Proper performance shall require attendant delivery personnel's constant inspection and observation of unloading operations and knowledgeable response to problems or emergencies which would most commonly be expected to occur. The Purchaser reserves the right to refuse any and all deliveries made with equipment that is poorly maintained.

The tanks or trailers shall be clean and free of residue that may contaminate the Contractor's product or impede the unloading process. It is the Contractor's responsibility to verify the cleanliness of the transporting equipment before supplied by the Contractor and shall be clean and free from contaminating material. The Purchaser may reject a load if the equipment is not properly cleaned. The Contractor shall furnish the Purchaser an approved, leak-free connection device between the trailer and the Purchaser's intake receptacle. The Contractor shall observe the entire filling operation at each delivery site and shall immediately report any spills caused during the filling operations. The Contractor shall take immediate and appropriate actions to clean up any spilled liquid sodium hypochlorite. If the spill is not cleaned up, the Purchaser will hire a certified hazardous material handling company to clean up the spill, and the cost of such service will be charged to the Contractor and deducted from the amount due to the Contractor.

More Information:

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Additional Information Contained in this document includes:

  • Delivery Locations
  • Sampling and Testing Prior to Unloading
  • Sampling and Test of Shipment after Unloading
  • Specifications of Material
  • Manufacturer's Laboratory Reports
  • Approved Testing Agency
  • Specifying Personnel

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