Sodium Hypochlorite Manufacturing Variations

Sodium hypochlorite is produced and used in a state of the art Powell Continuous Flow Sodium Hypochlorite Manufacturing Process. Aside form the clarity and purity of our product, most customers are interested in the percent Available Chlorine and percent Excess Alkalinity of the sodium hypochlorite.

The measurement of these qualities requires a detailed chemical titration. There is not practical way of directly monitoring qualities during manufacturer. Instead, our machinery monitors a related voltage called the “Oxidation Reduction Potential” or “ORP”. The operator makes chemical titration and instructs the microprocessor to adjust its chemical reaction by adjusting this voltage until the product titrates to the correct values.

Although a direct monitor is not practical, having such a device wouldn’t help the customer understand the qualities of his received product anyway, since the specifications of interest are for the chemical after filtration and typically 24 hours of storage. Sodium hypochlorite samples were taken, as shipment is ready for delivery and runs titration tests on them. Thirteen of the most recent samples at a producer’s site tested as follows:

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