Benefits of Filtered Sodium Hypochlorite

The filtering of sodium hypochlorite offers numerous advantages. Some of these advantages are as follows:

  1. You can produce sodium hypochlorite using any quality of sodium hydroxide, including diaphragm cell caustic. This gives you a wider choice of suppliers which usually results in lower material cost and subsequent reductions in production costs.
  2. You can sell your higher quality product at a higher price, a basic principle of supply and demand.
  3. High purity sodium hypochlorite does not decompose as rapidly as standard grade, so you can reduce the strength of the product you produce.
  4. Oxygen formation is significantly lower. As a result, product safety is improved, allowing customers to package product without bottles swelling due to oxygen formation.
  5. Costly customer quality complaints relating to oxygen and solids formation in storage tanks, pumps and piping are eliminated.
  6. After filtration, sniff gas bleach can be sold as high quality bleach.
  7. Virtually all contaminants are removed during final filtration so most plant wastewater, including filter backwash water, containment area drains, water softener backwash and other waste water can be reused to make bleach. Many plants using the Powell system have no waste water connects to sanitary sewer systems.

Sodium Hypochlorite Filtration System

Bleach Filtration System

The Powell Sodium Hypochlorite Filter System provides the highest quality sodium hypochlorite available in the market and can be used with any quality caustic to yield sodium hypochlorite that can be packaged for the household market using sealed bottles, the drinking water industry, or any other application required.