How Can I Determine the Strength of Sodium Hypochlorite

For complete instructions on how to determine the strength of sodium hypochlorite, refer to "The Sodium Hypochlorite Strength Test — A Chemical Test Method to Determine the Strength of Sodium Hypochlorite." This complete, detailed document explains a test method that will provide accurate and repeatable results by the producer and consumer to ensure the sodium hypochlorite is meeting the desired specification.

The analytical methods described in the application note require that certain glassware and laboratory apparatus be available for use. The methods can be easily performed using pipettes and volumetric glassware. The level of accuracy (and cost savings on chemicals) is directly related to the measurement. For example, higher degrees of accuracy will provide better quality control of the product and can potentially reduce manufacturing costs of the product.

The following laboratory apparatus with their Fisher Scientific catalog numbers are presented to help you equip your facility with the minimum laboratory glassware and accessories needed to analyze your manufactured sodium hypochlorite.

Laboratory Apparatus Fisher Catalog Number
Erlenmeyer flask (250 ml) 10-041A (pack of 6) 10-041A (pack of 6)
Volumetric Pipette
5 ml 13-650-2F (pack of 12)
10 ml 13-650-2L (pack of 12)
25 ml 13-650-2P (min of 6)
50 ml 13-650-2S (min of 6)
Pipette bulb 14-070-1 (pack of 3)
Liquid Dispensers (optional) 5-30 ml 13-706-18 (optional)
Weighing bottle 03-422F (pack of 6)
Volumetric flask (250 ml) 1-205D (min of 6)
Graduated cylinder (10 ml) 08-555A (min 3)
Graduated cylinder (50 ml) 08-555C (min 3)
Burette (50 ml) 03-700-12B (min 2)
Burette support 14-688 (min 1)
Magnetic stirrer 14-493-120S (min 1)
Magnetic stir bar 14-511-62 (min 10)
Analytical balance (0.001 g) 01-920-76 (min 1)
Reference weight (30 g) 01-920-76 (min 1)
1.000-1.050 11-603-7A
1.050-1.100 11-603-7B
1.100-1.150 11-603-7C
1.150-1.200 11-603-7D
1.200-1.250 11-603-7E
1.250-1.300 11-603-7F

For complete instructions on how to determine the strength of sodium hypochlorite, refer to:

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