Sodium Hypochlorite Decomposition Software

The purpose of the Powell Sodium Hypochlorite Decomposition Program is to allow users to compare different sodium hypochlorite solutions by displaying tables and graphs illustrating the decomposition rate of sodium hypochlorite and the formation rates of sodium chlorate, sodium perchlorate and oxygen over time.

The newest version of the software, which can be downloaded using the link below, also incorporates the effects of transition metals in the sodium hypochlorite. Typical default values for these metals are automatically entered into the program; however, the user can manually enter concentrations to see how the decomposition rate is affected.

With the program, users are able to customize sodium hypochlorite solutions to compare by varying input parameters including the temperature, hypochlorite strength, excess caustic, salt concentration, sodium chlorate concentration and/or sodium perchlorate concentration of the solution.

By analyzing different decomposition scenarios, the user can optimize a current production process, storage, shipment or use of sodium hypochlorite more efficiently. For example, a user considering storage temperature may analyze the hypochlorite decomposition and chlorate formation rates at various temperatures. Based on the program results, a user may decide to cool or chill the stored sodium hypochlorite to allow for a stronger, more stable product during shipment or use.

The Powell Sodium Hypochlorite Decomposition Program also incorporates the ability to analyze High Strength Low Salt hypochlorite exclusively manufactured on the Powell HSLS Hypo Process system. HSLS hypo contains around 50% less salt when diluted to traditional strengths. With less salt in the solution, the hypochlorite decomposition, chlorate formation, and perchlorate formation rates are significantly reduced. The Powell Sodium Hypochlorite Decomposition program produces easy to understand data tables and graphs to show the product improvements that can be obtained from this new patented process.

The Powell Sodium Hypochlorite Decomposition Program is available for free. ***Click here to download***

Click here to download the Powell Decomposition Installation Guide and User Manual (PDF)