Sodium Chlorate Estimation Tool

The Sodium Chlorate Estimation Tool can be used to estimate the amount of sodium chlorate formed in a given sodium hypochlorite solution. In a bleach production process, higher reaction efficiencies produce lower chlorate formation which results in raw material savings. A typical Powell continuous bleach process will produce less than 1 gram per liter sodium chlorate. Powell’s experience has shown that sodium chlorate levels in “typical” processes range from 5-8 grams per liter.

Directions: Input the amount of sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide (caustic) in the solution. Next, input the specific gravity and temperature of the solution. The estimated amount of sodium chlorate formed will be calculated each time the user leaves a text box below.

Note: To leave a text box, the user can hit the tab key or click outside of the textbox that they are currently in.

Specific Gravity
Temperature °C
NaClO3 g/L