UniChlor® Technology Feasibility Tool

UniChlor® Technology, currently being marketed in the US by Powell Fabrication & Manufacturing, LLC can be an attractive alternative to purchasing chlor-alkali commodity chemicals on the open market. The technology presents a complete chain of production facilities that utilize salt and electricity to produce chlorine, caustic soda, and hydrogen on-site. The chlorine, caustic, and hydrogen can be used to produce sodium hypochlorite, ferric chloride, calcium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid, and other chlorine derivatives. The plants can also be used to supply a distribution system for the hydrochloric acid and caustic.

Optimal candidates for UniChlor® Technology will meet one or more of the criteria below:

  • Use chlorine and caustic in quantities above 30 tons equivalent of/decompsoftware.aspx chlorine per day.
  • Use significant amounts of chlorine and caustic in sodium hypochlorite production for internal consumption.
  • Produce ferric chloride, calcium hypochlorite, or other chlorine derivatives.
  • Produce feed stocks for the manufacture of other chemicals.
  • Produce sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid for distribution.

In order to help establish the relationship between these factors, and to illustrate the dynamic role each plays in determining the additional cash flow that may be achieved with the use of UniChlor® Technology, Powell has prepared the interactive visual aid found below.

Instructions: While hovering over a dial and holding down your left mouse button, move the mouse up to increase the value on the dial and down to decrease it. The estimated cost and savings will appear at the bottom of the tool.